Friday, January 30, 2009

Fat Cat & Doodles

("Fat Cat & Doodles"...sounds like something you could eat. )
"Over a hundred pounds."

After I finished drawing this sketch (which i am told looks like a hamburger with a cat head on top) I realized that the idea for this drawing must have come from a book I liked when I was a kid. You can definitely see the influence.
The Fat Cat: a Danish Folktale by Jack Kent

(Hey if anyone wants to buy this book for me...I wouldn't mind :o)


We had an ice storm and we were out of power for a few days. Here is a doodle I made to pass the time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gun Show

"His big guns."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"Dangling man....growing purplish."

I'm not sure why I keep drawing stick people. Maybe it is out of laziness. Or maybe it is because I am resorting back to my childhood. I am sure I did all my best art work before I was 8 years old.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Voice In My Mind

"Voice in my mind."

If my subconsciousness was a person, I bet it would be a stick person. There is a stick person in everyone just waiting to burst out.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


"Seeing Ghosts"
"I might not this believe without the sensible and true avouch of mine own eyes."

Brownie points for anyone who can name the character in Hamlet that said that line. :oP

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It is a mad, mad world.

"A clap of thunder shook the house...afraid of storms...the room beyond was shadowy...lightning brought everything to life. It was a vivid illumination- not like any other...extra candles placed around the streak of blood had trickled down his cheek, and in the wavering candlelight he looked deathly pale."
I used the DC Looney Tunes comic book #155 "Bad Scare Day" as my reference for this. It was interesting to draw some thing so wackily dark on such a bright sunny (cold) day.

Friday, January 9, 2009

More pages from my sketch book

"You may kiss me."

"Four million dollars."
"She saw his obdurate scowl and asked softly: 'What do you have in mind, ransom?' "

"Teeth chattering."

Little stick man: "Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!"
Little Bat: "Go Away!!"
"Go back and back and back through all those windows!"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hello all those near and dear.

In honor of the self-focused me, I am starting another blog. (But I deleted myspace so that makes it even). I dedicate this blog to my creative endeavors. (I put all the blame for this blog on Doug :o)

life inside the clam shell.

The other night I was sorting through some papers (trying to de-clutter my life...check out "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh) I ran across my grading evaluations from the U of N in 2004. I found comments like:

* "Needs more patience with herself. Can be overly critical. Have fun."

* "Push more during the development stage."

* "Needs to put more constant effort into the whole design."

* "Lacy could be that A+++. I think her little clam shell gets in her own not trap yourself." (Did they just call me a clam?!! I've never thought of myself of a clam! I just got a mental picture of that...chuckle, chuckle!)

* "You can draw! You just need to spend more time on concepts and planning ahead and pace yourself so you can finish on time. Fight the perfectionist tendency- when you get past that you'll relax and the flow will come." (I clearly am not past the perfectionist tendency...the "flow" hasn't come.)

* "work on composition"

* "...relax, enjoy with abandon and not take [yourself] so seriously."

* "excellent rendering skills"

* "your in-class critiques were excellent"

Did these comments go in one ear and out the other? Years later, these comments could still be said about my work! Am I stuck? I just can't seem to relax and let myself play. I procrastinate. I am overly critical. My work seems dry for the most part. Last semester I was given an assignment that really struck a cord with me and for the first time in years (probably since middle school) I cracked open my "clam shell" and let myself play a little. Here is some of what i came up with. (Remember these are sketches so they are a little rough.)

"You've cooked Tom."

"I wish."

"The foal came a little while ago...she's a beauty."

"Your father was a charmer."

"It's a big step."

"You killed him. You slimmy scoundrel. I oughta shoot you. Roy Bub we're running a toy zoo."

"Do it Texas style. Three shoots. Stone dead."

"I could be in a Broadway musical...but I would have to bring my bathtub."

"I dressed for dinner putting on my armor."

"A whole adventure in the company of my hero! What more could a little girl ask?

'You've met your match, evil plant!'

That's a monstrous plant!"


"Flower designs."

"A lot of tourist honky-tonk whales."

"Plate of cakes."

"Dressed a couple of rabbits."

"Hawaii seized illegally...America stole the islands from their rightful rulers and people."