Friday, January 30, 2009

Fat Cat & Doodles

("Fat Cat & Doodles"...sounds like something you could eat. )
"Over a hundred pounds."

After I finished drawing this sketch (which i am told looks like a hamburger with a cat head on top) I realized that the idea for this drawing must have come from a book I liked when I was a kid. You can definitely see the influence.
The Fat Cat: a Danish Folktale by Jack Kent

(Hey if anyone wants to buy this book for me...I wouldn't mind :o)


We had an ice storm and we were out of power for a few days. Here is a doodle I made to pass the time.


  1. Great giant hamburger-cat... wimpy from Popeye would love this guy. I like your cat much more than the illustration that inspired it... yours is much tastier!

  2. Girl, you got me feeling bad about my Fat cat! he he he he. this cat lives to eat it's terrible the way he begs for food all the time. He would certainly end up looking like these guys if I didn't put him in check. This is great! It's a well needed reminder for me really! Thanks so much for stopping by.