Friday, May 1, 2009

Steampunk Parkour

"Remarkable mix: oil, brains, and courage."

This daring robot, Ralph, is a little rebel. The ancient machinery just can't understand him. But he was wired to be this way, his creator is the champion of the tenth international super sonic skateboard competition. Ralph was made to be a test dummy for his creator. Ralph tries out really dangerous maneuvers in the hopes that he might be able to work out the kinks before his creator gets their brains bashed in trying it for themself. Ralph is powered by two you know, two heads are better than one...the robot's inventor chose to use his sister's brain (there is a brainless girl on the loose somewhere) and a yak brain. So while Ralph is a test dummy by day, he spends his nights unwinding with parkour ( An athletic discipline where practitioners, known as Traceurs, traverse any environment in the most efficient way possible using their physical abilities, Parkour commonly involves running, jumping, vaulting, rolling, etc.)

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