Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shhh! Don't Wake Grandpa.

My grandpa is in the hospital recovering from surgery. I went to visit him today. He was feeling a little better and started telling me all these stories about his life. He told about how when he was 13 years old, he and his best friend would write notes for each other to give to the teachers and they would cut class. They would go caddy at the golf course to earn money so they could go to the movies. Grandpa also talked about growing up during the depression and eating anything they could find...raccoon, rabbit, turtles, etc. He talked about the german shepherd he own when he was a boy. I love Grandpa's stories. All that talking wore Grandpa out and he fell asleep mid sentence. I took the opportunity to sketch him. ;)


  1. Grandpa Jim told me this story once about what they used to do when they couldn't afford fireworks. Apparently, they took an old soup can, set it on the ground upside-down, and filled it with some sort of flammable gas. Then they tipped the can just a little to let some of the gas escape, lit said escaping gas, and watched the can shoot into the air.

    After hearing stories like that, I always wondered how he still had both of his hands.

  2. ha ha!! Jonathan I hadn't heard that story before! It sounds like something Grandpa would do.

  3. Hey Lacy!!! I just started following your blog. This is a neat picture. You are really talented. I wanted to email you guys but I don't know your emails. I am really bad about mailing real letters. This is the first thing I found in order to contact you guys. This is your cousin Jennifer. I'd like to email you. Let me know. Love you! bye