Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sketching Away.

King's College

Cambridge rooftops.... every thing is so cramped
together, I feel
rather claustrophobic. I miss the countryside.
This lady wasn't too happy that I was drawing her.

I drew her twice.

I think I like working this way, I enjoy the process. However, I got cold and ended up abandoning the drawing.
"Yes, I may live in a card board box, but what a fancy box it is! I knew those art degrees would come in handy."
Inside my church, Holy Trinity.


  1. Awesome stuff, Lacy! I'm kinda sad though ... clicking on the pictures doesn't pull up the larger version like it used to. I want to see your lettering! It looks really cool, even this small.

  2. Yeah I'm not sure why it doesn't pull up a larger version. I'm kinda disapointed about that myself. But you can see the original when I'm home on summer break.

  3. oOo! How exciting! Looking forward to seeing your stuff in person and having you back in the States for a bit!!

    We're having a beautiful snow in NWA today. Might have to drag my camera out, even.

  4. Great landscape sketches. Really nice.