Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

Here is what I have been working on this summer:
This is Princess Fiona...part ogress, part princess. I have been drawing her alot lately.
I have limited vehicle access this summer, that combined with this 100 degree weather we have been having, has been keeping me pretty close to home when I am not working. My parent's pets are also staying very close to the AC this summer and in the process have found their way into my sketch book.
I don't want to draw this dog anymore. I want to go to the zoo or the aquarium. I want to be drawing bears, bob-a-doos, penguins, lizards, sharks, kids...anything but this dog! This is Corky, we are dog sitting him for a week or so. He is a sweet dog that is so ugly he is cute. He reminds me of Ribsy.
This is Otis. He was named after the dog on "Milo and Otis" He about as active as Fiona...which means he sleeps most of the day (when he is not dragging dead rabbits inside through the doggie door).I did attempt to draw the neighbor's horses but I am a bit of a wimp and it didn't take long for me to return to the AC.
P.S....Here are some paintings based on my sketches that I did over the summer:

 When I brought them into class this fall, these were the paintings that got the most attention. I thought I must be doing something right. Also, I enjoy it, so I have been continuing to work this way.

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