Friday, January 27, 2012

Prepare To Be Horrified! Muwhahaha!!!

After months of painting cute fluffy kittens and puppies, the crazed artist finally snapped.

This is a remake of another painting I did (if you can't come up with a new idea...recycle one). Although, friends and family where shocked by the original painting, I always felt it wasn't quite gruesome enough. The funny thing is I don't enjoy scary stuff like horror movies. But occassionally I get an urge to do a painting about something gross...I blame it on the influence of growing up surrounded by three brothers and seven boy cousins. 
In the first painting I did, the bear's foot was trapped in one of those wind-up fake teeth. I kinda wish I had used it again in this painting, I think it may have made it even more funny. Oh well.
I have scientist friends here in Cambridge who always seem to be trying to analyze me through my art work. I think this will comfirm their suspicions that I am actually crazy (That is after they proceed to tell me that the blood splatter isn't scientifically acurate).
I am giggling with anticipation, I know this painting will make my Mom shudder. I know my sweet teddy is horrified that he was used as a model for such an appalling painting. I do think he gave a shudder when I showed him the finished piece, I had to cover his eyes, poor thing.

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