Friday, July 19, 2013

People Watching

 I am still trying to catch up on all the old work I have yet to post. 
Here is my sketches from an afternoon of following people around at the mall food court (my family says this is called "stalking"...I call it observational drawing) :

A stranger offered to take a woman's tray to the trash can, while she stayed to take care of her baby. You can see how they are bundled up in coats and scarfs...I did this sketch last winter...clearly I need to update my blog more often. 

 A little girl eating pizza. 

This is of a woman searching through her bags for something. 

This is my favorite sketch from the day. I saw this elderly man eating lunch by himself. 
He seemed sad or lonely. 

 Someone carrying two drinks. 

 My brother's grandmother walked by.

It was interesting to see all these little glimpses into people's lives. 

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