Who Does She Think She Is?

Growing up, whenever my family would plan for a trip, I would only pack art supplies. Mom would always check my luggage and would send me back to squeeze in some clothes too. Clothes were low on my priority list, it meant I couldn't bring as many markers or crayons. My entire life I have considered myself an artist (with the exception of a couple of years where I considered also being a knock-knock joke writer or a classical musician). It has been my one life focus. I have taken numerous drawing lessons and studied fine art. I have two college degrees in Illustration and have over 28 years of experience creating art. I have heard people describe my work as children's illustration, I don't know about that. I don't specifically make art for children. I make it for myself, really.  And there seems to be narrative connected to my work; I guess that makes me a bit of a storyteller, as well.  

Contact me at: lacysnarr@gmail.com